Gresley Old Hall, Swadlincote, Derbyshire,

Gresley Old Hall, Swadlincote, Derbyshire,

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Gresele is recorded in the Domesday Book. Its first element is of uncertain 

origin, possibly the Old English grēosn meaning gravel and lēah meaning a

 woodland clearing. Churche greseleye was first recorded in 

1363The Domesday Book of 1086 recorded Swadlincote

 as a small manor. It was part of the parish of Gresley (latterly Church

 Gresley) until the19th century.Gresley Old Hall is a grade II

 listed building in Church Gresley,1664(Datestone over door)

 but possibly incorporating C16 work. (Sir Christopher Alleyne, who

 acquired the site of Church Gresley Priory in 1556, is reputed

 to have used the stone from this to build Gresley Hall). Since then

 Gresley Hall has been used for so many purposes during its 

life including earthenware and clothing. It was then used as a 

farmhouse and since then was leased to many farming families.Over

 the years the rural setting of the hall has changed as land has been

 sold off and the Hall was bought by the Coal Board in 1953 to make

 it into a Minors Welfare which opened in 1964. The house oozes

 in history and has an impressive family tree; the most recent is the

 Alleyne family. It is also home to some very gruesome tales of​ 

people who sadly lost their lives. It is said on the second

 floor there is a derelict room which houses the lost souls of 

children who were abused and abandoned here,one of the 

most famous ghosts is a maid of the family who burnt to

 death in her room while supervising the children. After the 

accident, her room was bricked up, never to see daylight again! :/

Apparitions have been seen here and poltergeist activity witnesses

there are still signs of Victorian grafitti in the upstairs room. 

The rooms are bare and dark and when you get a chill up your 

spine, you may want to make your way out of the room.

Visitors have felt the burning of their faces, like their skin is peeling

 off. Maybe that’s her way of letting us know that she’s around.

Family members, who once lived at the house, would refuse 

to go up the stairs alone.Noises can be heard of people who

 once worked there. When in reality no one is around.

People have been touched, had their hair pulled. Sceptics 

turned in to believers.