1  Haymarket Theatre

 A small boy has been seen several times in the 1970's

and 1980's dressed in a sailor's suit, normally during

 a rehearsal. At the side of the stage its said that before the

 Haymarket was built a small boy was drowned in a well that was on the site


apparently home to five ghosts; The White Lady (also believed to

 be a monk), a policeman, a Civil War Cavalier, a dog and a cat.

Reports of the hauntings vary between hearing footsteps in 

unoccupied rooms, to a closed copy of the Bible being opened 

mysteriously to Deuteronomy 18:10; 

Britella factory 

 which apparently was haunted by a spectre so unpleasant that the work

 force demanded that the place be exorcised if they were to carry on working. 

Named Frendly Fred in 1973 there was a news report by ATV

Bell Lane

 The haunting at Bell Lane  the occupier's . Had all the rooms flooded ,

    water ran down the walls and from the ceilings, drenching the family 

whenever they sat down to eat. When the family moved one door down,

 the water followed them. After  two months, the water activities  finally

 ceased by Christmas.

5 St Peters Graveyard Belgrave 

A ghost of a landlady of a pub in the area is said to be seen in St Peters 

graveyard from the late 1900 to the late 2000 

6 Belgrave Hall

Belgrave Hall is next door to St Peters church and dates from the 1700

and is said to be haunted by a middle aged woman in a pale dress, see on

 the stairs and in some of the upstairs rooms

The Talbot public house

Several ghost have said to have taken up residence here. 

A young child sits on a bar stool, a phantom woman vanishes into 

the wall, an old man in a large raincoat walks towards 

the bar before disappearing, and shadowy figures are said to be seen

 in the  car park. Who maybe the the hanged men from red hill




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