shady lane ghost 


shady lane ghost   { the nun }

shady lane ghost

.leicester mercury. 2018

The terrifying tale of the ghostly nun seen walking the streets of Evington

Shady Lane in Evington is a well-known part of Leicestershire with many people taking their dogs for a

 walk there. But does the area have a dark secret?

A couple from Earl Shilton had a paranormal experience when they were travelling through the area

 - and it seems more people could have witnessed the 'jaywalking nun'.

City historian Thomas Kirkup looks at the unsettling tale.

Shady Lane's jaywalking nun

Imagine you are driving your car along a very quiet, country road, when all of a sudden

 a figure appears immediately in front of your car.

Without hesitation, you would press the brake pedal with your foot and expect the worst.

This terrifying scenario happened to a pair of young newlyweds one summer's

 evening on a route that they had used for years.

The couple from Earl Shilton visit their relatives most weekends in Evington Village. 

They always took a quieter route on the B582.

They would then go down Shady Lane, across the small bridge over the brook and up the hill.

Between the bridge and the entrance to the Shady Lane Arboretum is where 

the unexplained event happened. The husband was driving along quite diligently. It was early evening.

The sun was setting and it was that time of day where visibility was at its lowest, where its light but yet dark.

At that point, the road was clear of traffic.

As if from nowhere, there appeared in front of the car a figure.

It seemed to be quite solid. And oddly dressed as a nun.

Immediately the brakes were applied, and the couple braced themselves for the impact.

'Both had seen a figure in a cloak'

Both husband and wife had seen the figure and unbelievably no impact was felt.

The man pulled the car over and they stayed seated with the shock of what just happened.

A few moments later the couple, expecting the worst, both got out of the car and began searching,

 but nothing was found. The couple then began telling each other what they had seen.

There was no doubt about it; both had seen a figure in a cloak wearing the traditional robes of a nun.

After a few moments, the wife recollected that she thought she had seen the

 figure move on to the grass verge and disappear through a hedge into a field.

The couple looked at the grass verge and into the hedge.

No marks could be seen on the grass or any hole in the hedge but on the road could be seen many

 skid marks as if a number of vehicles had to brake sharply.